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Since 1993 AJ.BA Srl has been a European leader in the production of lights, rotating beacons, reflectors, worklights and lighting systems for agricultural vehicles, trailers and bicycle carriers.

All items in the catalogue are Made in Italy, are homologated and comply with the latest European regulations in the automotive sector.

Technology, efficiency, advanced mould and tooling design systems, and the flexibility and expertise of the staff have all contributed to achieving an optimal relationship between quality, service and competitiveness.

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2023: AJ.BA is now an established player among Italian SMEs. With around 30 employees, it is at the forefront of the industry and has a positive track record in terms of quality, reliability and customer service.

AJ.BA carries out its entire production activity at its plant located in Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO).

Thanks to the use of advanced machinery and an efficient logistics system, AJ.BA guarantees its customers a high service in terms of quality and low MOQ.

AJ.BA’s strength has always been the production of KITs and customized products according to customer requirements.

The Quality Department supervises production, with constant checks and an efficient system of analysis and management of any anomalies. The laboratory is equipped with modern instrumentation for regular tests and inspections to ensure consistently high production quality.

In order to ensure the full long-term functionality of its products, AJ.BA carries out all the technical tests foreseen by the regulations of the Automotive sector, both concerning photometric parameters and the quality and durability of materials.

In January 2024, AJ.BA inaugurated the new photovoltaic plant at its Ospedaletto Lodigiano factory.

This investment ensures that AJ.BA meets its entire energy needs through renewable energy and brings the company in line with ESG and environmental sustainability requirements.